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Hints & Tips


The goods you store with us are as secure as we can make them however they do remain your sole responsibility. Check with your insurance provider to see if your cover has provision for items in Storage. If not, we can offer a competitive quotation on your insurance needs.

Boat Storage

When winter comes and your boat is no longer being used, it’s also time to think about the proper and secure storage for your boat and boat trailer. Below are a few tips to make sure your boat comes out of storage the same way it went in.

1. Cleaning

Give your boat a good  clean. Wash down all hard surfaces paying particular attention to any residual salt, growth and build-ups. Clean and condition vinyl upholstery, making sure to dry it out. It’s also a good time to clean out your bilge. Stagnant water is not good.

2. The motor

As usual flush your motor of any salt water, some motors changing the oil and filter will help displace any water. Drain and replace any oil and grease points and fittings and to avoid moisture collection in the fuel tank make sure it is filled. 

3. The battery

To prevent draining while in storage disconnect the battery.  It is also a good idea before your last outing to clean and top up the terminals with distilled water give the motor a good run to fully charge the battery. 

Caravan Storage

Prepare the interior and exterior with a good clean making sure to empty all water containers.  Ideally it should be stored with all steadies down and the handbrake off so make sure to bring along some wheel chocks.